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Sometimes ideas for a blog happen because I see the same issues happening over and over and other times I really have to think about what to say. I am always careful not to let the blog deteriorate into a full-blown rant; it’s so easy when you feel passionately about something to let your hands run away with your thoughts, without thinking of the poor soul being accosted by your inner torment.

And how many times does it happen, that we are confronted by another person’s emotions? See people shout at the cashier, the domestic, the petrol attendant… it has much to say about the person doing the shouting than the person being shouted at. We have no control over how other people behave, but we can control our response to it. Just the same way as we can control what comes out of our mouths, we can also control what goes in…

With every mouthful we are either fighting disease or feeding it.

We need to start looking at our bodies and the decline and disease that overtake it in a new different way; in the old-fashioned way maybe. Instead of just swallowing a pain pill, maybe we can determine why we have headache? Chances are a banana, a glass of water and half an hour of no-electronics-time and we’d be pain free. It’s a choice people don’t even realise is available to them anymore; we’ve got so used to taking a pill. Nauseous? Take a pill. Pain? Pill. Insomnia? Pill. Sadness? Pill. Even our kids are no longer allowed to be boisterous, day-dreamers or little toughies… pill, pill, pill.

What the western world calls ‘alternative’ medicine was really the 1st medicine – nauseous? Eat soup made with this leaf. Pain? Add the juice of this berry to your gourd of water. Sadness? Go cry in your hut – you have 1 season and then you must rejoin the clan, but in the meantime go feel and deal with the sadness.

Adding herbs and vitamins to your daily regime is not medicating – it is supplementing our hugely deficient diet! Lycopene is a brilliant supplement for swollen prostate because our farmed tomatoes no longer have significant amounts of lycopene. Fish oil has become an essential supplement because who eats oily fish 4x a week these days? Probiotics used to be a part of the daily diet by way of home-made cheeses, pickling and preserving – today we need (!) desperately to supplement this vital missing nutrient.

Think carefully how you spend your money in the future – feeding health or feeding disease with every morsel, thought and action; and the closing word is to remind you that it is way cheaper to stay well than it is to get well