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I refer to the practice of conventional medicine today as The Sickness Industry, and i accept that it sounds disrespectful, and I am aware that I am generalising and that there are good and caring docs out there, but my experience in 53 years of life, 2 children, 20 years in a pharmacy and 10 years in a Health Shop have brought me to acknowledge the good guys are in the minority, very few and far between. Modern western doctors know a lot about sickness, disease and medications to suppress symptoms. Conventional modern western doctors don’t study health and they don’t study nutrition; they don’t study or even acknowledge the mind-body connection. They seldom touch a patient any more during a consultation, and the average time a patient speaks (by survey) before a dr. interrupts is less than 23 seconds (Journal of The American Medical Association). Modern docs diagnose to prescribe, focused solely on taking away the symptoms that drove you to their rooms and not looking further for underlying causes or considering side effects or interactions. It’s not common practice for GPs to take long histories, or to actually listen to the patient. Amongst these beleaguered GPs are some who suffer angst, knowing that there has to be more to doctoring than this. To a person, doctors choose this path because they want to help people. The rate of burnout amongst GPs is ridiculously high http://medicalrepublic.com.au/top-three-causes-gp-burnout/12463
There is a new way of doctoring, and there are doctors who are finding it – Functional Medicine is the term for this ‘new’, systems-based approach to actually finding out what is driving the symptoms and getting to the root of the problem without suppressing the symptoms. Doctors study further through The Institute and Functional Medicine and learn this approach to HEALTH PROMOTION. The medicine of the future is here. Right here, in South Africa http://functionalmedicinesa.co.za/what-is-functional-medicine/
And on your doorstep a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Ask us for more info if your interest is peaked.