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20-30 are our funning years, where, looking back from 50 years old, we were 12 ft tall and bulletproof. When I was young there was no internet, no access to information, no abundance of knowledge like there is today, but I have to say that even if there was, I don’t think we would have cared. We worked hard and we played harder and I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to be more cautious. Raising adult children has not given me a second chance at that, as they stay on their own trajectory, not willing to learn from the mistakes of others, 12ft tall and bulletproof….

so this is my advice to young women with regards to healthy living and healthy eating:

  • any amount of awareness is good; know how much you drink, know how much sugar you eat, make the
    healthiest choice under the circumstances
  • don’t beat yourself up. We all fall off the wagon, get over it and start again. This bad day won’t matter in a week’s time if you leave it behind you
  • you CAN be too thin, don’t go there…
  • know the consequences; being on the pill has consequences, unprotected sex has consequences, eating mindlessly has consequences, do it if you want, but don’t turn around later and say no-one told you. You are responsible for yourself
  • you teach by example. This applies to family and friends. My friends and family called me fussy for years but it didn’t deter me
  • the way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you too. Be kind to yourself
  • it cannot be said to often – you only have this 1 body to live in. Take care of it now so it doesn’t let you down in the future
  • all fried foods you buy are unhealthy
  • it’s healthier to eat at home than to eat out, no matter what
  • staying hydrated is important
  • milk is cow-breast-milk for baby cows. It’s packed with synthetic hormones that mess with our systems and it’s incredibly fattening.
  • sugar is the most addictive thing you will encounter in your life. Beware, always.
  • be fussy, be selective. Look after your body, it’s worth it