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We’ve always thought that we are what we eat, but actually, we are only what we can absorb… So we can eat nutritious food and still not be optimally healthy…

The problem begins in the intestinal lining, the smartest cells in our whole body. Your intestinal cells are the only barrier between the outside world and the internal environment and it’s these cell that decide what is good and should be absorbed and what is harmful and should not.

Any disruption in the seamless terrain results in harmful particles slipping into the bloodstream via a process called leaky gut syndrome. This creates havoc as your immune system sets about to destroy the leaked food before it can do harm; and acquired immunity means your immune system remembers the invader and attacks it every time it enters the body… Hello food intolerance!! This immune response is a highly inflammatory process, and a gut that is leaky is very inflamed itself and usually comes hand-in-hand with IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, Candida and a myriad of other digestive dramas. These uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms could have been generated in childhood by overuse of antibiotics, by too much stress, by poor nutrition and unhealthy diet before we knew better, chronic medication use and OTC drugs and alcohol use and abuse, or by sweet tooth syndrome 🙂

We spend a lot of time and money treating the symptoms – heartburn, bloating, flatulence, burping, constipation headaches, itchy skin, hair loss, fungal infections, back ache, insomnia, incontinence… Yes, you read correctly, all possible symptoms of a toxic colon; none of which work for any length of time because they are only treating the symptoms, leaving the inflammation smouldering.

Coloperm is the product that deals with the smouldering inflammation. It’s formulated to assist in the repair of the mucous membrane and maintain its integrity. In the time we’ve been stocking it, the number of people who have experienced a 360 degree turnaround in their health has been remarkable, and my name is first on that list. Would you like to try Coloperm? Contact Me
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