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Having recently received my new reading glasses, I have become more aware of how poorly I actually see when I’m not wearing them. It’s not that my eyes have deteriorated in 3 weeks; it’s that before these specs I thought the way I was seeing was the best there was. Opening my eyes (s’cuse the pun) to what is actually possible has spurred me back to the optician for a pair of specs to wear more frequently.

It got me thinking about how we tend to settle. How often do we hear “I wake up every morning tired”. My knees ache, but they’ve ached for years”. “I’ve always done it this way”.
Perhaps we don’t realise our potential because we’ve never had a taste of what’s possible? Until we reach rock-bottom, we are not fully aware that changes are even necessary. ‘if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you always got’. For some people, rock bottom is diabetes, lupus, arthritis. For some people rock bottom is cancer or Alzheimers. What is it about human nature that allows us to ignore the messages our bodies send out, diminishing our potential until we are sick and tired and forced to pay attention?

So the next time you retest your eyes, make sure you use the sharpened new vision to look within also – take notice of the messages your body is sending. Don’t wait for rock-bottom and all the regret that goes along with that. And don’t be afraid of the changes that are inevitable… you have already changed so many times in your life! Do you still eat like you did at 16? Do you still drink like you did at 18? Do you still dress like you did at 20? Will making the changes be easy? Probably not. Will they be worth it? Most definitely!