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We have been lied to our whole lives about our body’s ability to heal itself. Our internal ‘doctor’ is amazingly astute, as long as it has the correct tools for the job.

Unfortunately, symptoms ignored or mistreated for a very long time disable this internal healing mechanism by overwhelming systems and structures with toxins, parasites, acids and waste.

Often, too often really, people wait until this disastrous cascade of events has pushed their body past the point of no return.

After years of neglect, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, antibiotic and painkiller abuse, poor eating habits and toxic lifestyles, when the body has all but given up the fight, the very sick patient or their loved ones, hit the internet, googling for the secret to health. Then they set foot in a health shop for the 1st time, usually with a long list of ‘things’ taken off the internet, most of which are either not available in South Africa, or are missing the mark entirely… There are sadly many charlatans out there, waiting to pounce on these very people looking for the last great hope.

10:1 the money they spend will not be able to drag the body out of the mire of deep toxicity and the patient languishes or dies, and the family deem health products ineffective and a waste of money.

If only those same people would have started years before! Beginning with cleaning up the diet, reducing unnecessary drugs and otc medication and making lifestyle adjustments to reduce the burden of toxicity – Perhaps the outcome could have been changed. We can’t know. The thing we can know is that if you’ve waited too long there is less that can be achieved with The Natural Route.