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The Sclerology clinic has been busy this week and in the way of the universe I have seen a number of people of 80 years and older.

A few of them look and feel much younger, but some of them look and feel much, much older and see me only under pressure from family – they have no more interest in living in pain and misery and have given up.

In all cases the miserable were over-medicated and under-supplemented; mineral deficient, short of omegas and probiotics and basic rules of nutrition were being ignored.  One client had not eaten a piece of fruit for 15 years, yet was on 3 different meds for blood pressure, 2 diuretics, cholesterol pills and an anti-depressant, yet in all those gp  visits not once was his diet considered.

I know it’s banging a drum and preaching to the choir, but I never fail to be saddened by how the medical profession has abused the populace and how the people have become the willing victims.

We can’t neglect our health for ¾ of our life and then take the body to the doctor to repair as one would take a vehicle to a garage.  What we do as we’re growing up and growing old are the seeds we are sowing.

Of course there is the argument of children and otherwise healthy people with auto-immune and dread-diseases for which there are no explanations.  Genetics play a huge role in health and outcomes.  Fate plays a fickle hand sometimes and people with old parents and grandparents die young; people with sick relatives and siblings remain healthy; children succumb to awful allergies and sickness that appear as if from thin air.  The science of gene expression is gaining momentum behind questions like these, as is the science of the gut microflora, the role of pH, emotions, parasites, sugar and hormones on our health.

The body is SO complicated.  Science and medicine are making ‘breakthroughs’, but really, it is just the beginning of understanding these amazing organisms we travel our time on earth within.  Single-bullet approaches are seldom the answer to messages from the body that we’ve ignored until they’re symptoms, and there’s no longer a way of ignoring dietary trauma, lifestyle abuses and emotional impact on our physical and mental health.

Sclerology gives an insight into this inter-connectedness of things within us and the message is loud and clear – pay attention to the small things