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The SUN SKIN Sunscreens are manufactured with organic filters. Organic in this case means that the construction of the molecule is made of carbon atoms. These carbon atoms are linked in such manner to absorb the ultra violet rays and neutralize it. There are two types of UV protections, the organic or physical/mineral filters. The physical/mineral filters are crystals of either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These crystals are grind to about 20 – 30 nano-meters and covered with a coating to smooth out the sharp edges (otherwise they will scratch the skin). We choose to use the organic filters as they are more effective and do not leave a white sheen on the skin. The new regulations for sunscreens require sufficient protection against UVA rays. The physical/mineral filters do not have sufficient protection in the UVA range as required.

Some of the other manufacturers claim that they can protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun by natural means. These claims often entail the use of anti-oxidants. The effect of the sun’s UV rays on the skin is to create free radicals, it breaks some of the molecules in the skin, e.g. the DNA in the nucleus. The broken pieces of the molecules need to bind and then they will often attach to the skin cell walls or organelle in the cells, this damage the cells. If an antioxidant is supplied to which these broken molecules can attach, it saves the cells from damage. The common antioxidants are vitamin E or extracts from plants that are high in anti-oxidants. This approach is not focused on preventing damage in the skin, but repairing it.

We believe in both approaches: protect the skin and assist in repairing it. We have the organic filters and the anti-oxidants (Vitamin E & Ubiquonone – Coenzyme Q10) in our products.

The definition of organic normally refers to the source of the ingredients. The ingredients we use are safe to the European and South African Standards.

Hanlie Burger

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