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Maybe because it’s January, but maybe because more people are just trying to be healthier, we’ve seen a  lot of people this week, especially men, asking for help with getting their food right – trying to be fuller for longer on less food; or even how to get full and stay satisfied without the old favourites of bread, pasta and fast food options

It’s fluctuating blood sugar that’s the demon here.  Quick sugar release makes you feel good but always drops you on the other side.  These fluctuating sugar levels are responsible for binge-eating, erratic behaviour, mood swings and even insomnia.

It’s not only obvious sugar triggers either; white bread, pasta, mash, alcohol and ready-to-eat foods often have such a high glycemic index that you are hungry as soon as the last mouthful has been swallowed.

It’s not easy getting it right, especially if you’ve been doing it ‘the wrong way’ for all your adult life, but it is possible.