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One of the things that we get so clearly from Sclerology is that we can’t separate our physical and emotional selves. In fact, more than 50% of all the information we see in the sclera is emotional.  Our body’s send clear messages with regards to emotional imbalances, and we have long stopped listening to the messages, so here’s a recap… 

That constant 2am wake-up call is from your liver, as is the headache on the right side of your head.  The emotions related to the liver are unresolved anger and resentment.

Our lungs are associated with grief, and it makes some sense that our grief should have a way of leaving our bodies when we are reading.  Grief weakens the lungs.

 Our stomachs deal with so much abuse, maybe the worst of any organ except the skin, and I think it’s  well known that our stomachs are compromised by worry.

Do you hit a flat spot at 5pm?  Are your aches, pains and weaknesses all on your left?  Your kidneys are begging to be heard; and the emotion that weakens the kidneys is fear that is not resolving or has no logical reason (remember that there are amazing Bach Flower Remedies for fear)

Stress impacts our heart and brain, and we know it!  Our flight-and-fright mechanism draws blood, nutrition and energy form these vital internal organs, leaving them cool and depleted of nutrients, and leaving us feeling sad, depleted and fuzzy.  Stress is not going away, and we should supplement adaptogens and probiotics to combat the physical effects

 Love, laughter and happiness energise us and brings peace and balance to all our internal organs.