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We have had so many requests about Quitting smoking this week, that I thought I’d make this my blog topic.

Cigarette smoke (besides the obvious damage to mouth, throat, lungs and skin of course) stimulates immune cells to produce histamines and thereby causing inflammation in the body.  Inflammation effectively reduces blood flow, thereby reducing the transport of nutrients, oxygen and immune cells around the body

Cigarettes contain Cadmium, which depletes our stores of zinc, an important immune system antioxidant.

Cigarette smoke paralyses the cilia (little hairs) in the nostrils, which reduces the body’s physical barrier to infection.

In the sclerology clinic we also see cigarette toxins settling in the bladder, which makes sense in term of excretory pathways.

It takes 72 hours for all the nicotine to leave your body, so from day 3 it’s all a mind-game…  But the repair has already started.

We have the Beyond Nicotine Stop Smoking kits on special (while stocks last, of course), we do have the best cbd cigarettes in stock to quell the cravings naturally, and we can mix you a Bach Flower Remedy to help keep you strong and to assist with the detox and any irritability and impatience…