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I am a mindful eater. This means that on the rare occasion I buy food in a packet or a box, I scour the label. Being an avid label reader means I buy very few things in a packet box or bottle; and I never take labels for granted. My favourite salad dressing was reformulated and the ingredients changed from Olive oil to Canola oil (an unacceptable change) with no change of label. So now I make my own dressing, until I find a new one…

A lot of people are label readers in the supermarket. But what about your supplements? Do you use effervescent supplements? What are they sweetened with? Because they are sweetened, they are delicious. Moreish even. A quick internet search and you might just be horrified. A common pain-management effervescent is sweetened with Aspartame, a toxic sweetener known to cause pain… What’s in your cough mixture? Your flu remedy? Your multivitamin? Syrups often contain sugar, sweeteners, colourants and preservatives. Tablets are not innocent – Besides the obvious there are tablet ingredients that often contain sugar, lactose, colourants and goodness only knows what else.

So, being mindful of what goes into this one body that has to serve us until the very end, reading labels of everything that goes into your mouth, even if it is packaged as a health-promoting product, is essential.