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This morning I saw the nicest young man in the sclerology clinic and he reminded me of myself when I was in my 30’s and trying so hard to be a good person and do the right thing against insurmountable odds. His eyes showed much emotional stress, and particularly congestion in the liver and he was surprised, as many people are, as he is not and has never been a heavy drinker. 

Our poor livers!  They work so hard. As the filter for everything that goes in the mouth, our liver has to deal with colourants, flavourants, bpa from cans, chemicals from plastics, preservatives and other hidden gems, as well as it’s own work of breaking down, it’s contribution to digestion, anti-parasite activity, bile production and glycogen storage. Add to that the emotional components related to the liver: resentment, frustration, hate, jealousy and anger, and we have a burdened organ. 

And our liver is big, and requires a lot of energy to do all this work – and our liver’s allocated time on the meridian clock is 1-3am, so if you are continuously waking up at that time, it might be time to consider your liver!

Milk thistle, fenugreek, dandelion, Boldocynara, lecithin and olive fruit supplements are all beneficial to liver function. Our livers ‘conjugate’ toxins before removal, and this process requires B vitamins, turmeric, ginger and minerals to get this tough and dirty job done.

So optimum nutrition is essential for a healthy and functional liver. And though we may be taking care now, we didn’t always, and we need to take this into account when looking at the liver.  And we need to look at it, at least twice a year.  De-worming is the essential 1st step to proper liver cleansing and detoxing, so please, don’t try this at home! Get proper advise from a healthcare professional before taking any steps towards helping your liver…