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Life is moving so fast! And our stress levels… even retired folk feel it. I was at a seminar last week and the speaker was from Jozi and hearing her compare her stress levels with the pharmacists, shop owners and chiropractors – almost boasting about her stress levels – well, it’s not the way life was meant to be lived.

Stress is not about the situation; stress is about the person. We can learn coping skills (yes we can), we can learn to adapt to our environment, we can look for the lessons, or we can fall apart.

Today in the Sclerology Clinic I met a 79 year old woman who regrets her whole life, spending her every waking minute wishing things were different. The impact on her health, clearly visible in the sclera, is dire. We are the sum total of our actions, thoughts and feelings, and on my own journey I have learnt that the lessons come thick and fast and we keep getting into the same situations over and over until we learn to deal with them.

So don’t just sit there. You are not a tree… your health depends on it