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The mornings are starting to feel nippy, the days start later and night falls fast and early. Winter is approaching. We are caught in a lockdown time-warp but mother nature is oblivious to our plight. Are you sure that you are prepared for winter under pandemic conditions? Are you doing everything you can for yourself and your family, to stay well during the colder weather?

It’s necessary here for me to repeat my favourite words : It’s cheaper (and easier) to stay well than it is to get well. Remember the last time you were really sick? Doctor’s appointments, referrals, prescriptions, time off work, lost family time, and the journey back to health so tiring and long, much longer than expected…. Yet an investment in a few lifestyle modifications, some dietary adjustment and a few simple supplements could save you from going through that all over again. Again and again…

Being able to fight of germs is known as resilience. It’s not only about never getting sick – a healthy person with high resilience can feel unwell and take appropriate steps to recover fast, before the germs win the battle.

There are a few weapons in the ‘Resiliency Arsenal’ that you can draw on at Change of Season and here they are:

  1. Sleep! the nights are longer in winter for a reason healthy peeps. We are supposed to sleep more in winter than in summer.
  2. Colder weather requires warming food. We are not supposed to eat the same food all year round – if you eat only organic and seasonal veg you will know this instinctively.
  3. Slow down, cuddle up, nest, spend time indoors, wear warm clothes, honour the changes. We are part of the natural world and hibernation is rejuvenating.
  4. #eatarainbow soups, stews, casseroles, porridge, baked deserts – all great ways to eat as many species as possible (yes berries in a pud are nutrients, especially if your treat is baked with coconut sugar and best quality unbleached flour).
  5. The best preventative supplement regime includes:
    • oscillococcinum, 1 vial a week for the whole of winter.
    • probiotics – gut health is the root of all good health.
    • herbal supplements like olive leaf, oregano, astralagus, mushrooms.
    • minerals (not only calcium, but a mineral compound).
  6. Last but not least, manage your stress. Stress is not going away, and this year has, so far, been more stressful than most. Stress is a massive robber of resources and depletes immunity, hormones, memory, sex drive and other functions that are vital to living a full and rewarding life. Stress management techniques can be learned through working with a health coach. Emotions can be modulated with Bach flower remedies. There are options, including ignoring the problem, and each one has it’s consequences.