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Image by Prostooleh

*disclaimer – this blog is purely my opinion based on the science I follow on PubMed and other similar platforms.

Our immune systems are front and centre! Not since HIV Aids has immunity been the focus for so many people. Now though, because of pandemic conditions, the idea of stopping the virus from spreading is The Biggest Part of the process. So we’re told to wash our hands, wear a kn95 mask and sanitise our hands. Is it enough? I can’t help thinking of what I don’t do to Stop The Spread…

I touch my phone 100 times a day – should I sanitise it hourly or even daily?
My handbag goes from floor to counter, shop to shop. I touch it a dozen times a day. Because I can’t keep it clean should I currently only carry washable bags?
I’m washing my hands with soap and water, but not my credit card, my lip ice, my chewing gum pack, my pen…

Am I spreading the virus around?

The answer is a resounding yes!! and good for you!!! It’s these exposures to germs that encourage our immune systems to work hard, to protect us against this ‘enemy’.

Sterilise and sanitise like a demon, and your immune system takes a rest, having no work to do… 1 tiny slip, and bam! you’re sick!

So yes, people, wash your hands, often and long. Wipe your phone. Clean your credit card, but only if it’s a thing you have always done. These measures are NOT preventing the spread of Corona but what they are doing is preventing your defense mechanisms from being as active and alert as we need them to be…