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In our effort to provide the cleanest food to all, including all those with food intolerance, banters and those of us who choose to be mindful eaters, we have been supporting Greenfields Butchery. So committed are Greenfields to their mission statement that in the face of the drought they find themselves unable to sustain their herd on Grass and have decided to close up their operation. As sad as we are, we admire their integrity and wish them success in future ventures.

It doesn’t signal the end of Clean Meat for The Good Health Shop – yesterday I went to meet the owner of Hope Meats. This small family-run business sells free range, drug-and hormone free meat, free range drug-and hormone free lamb and pork and of course we still have our free range chicken and eggs from our regular suppliers. Hope Meats have made us their South Coast distribution http://www.hopemeats.co.za/