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I recently spent a few days in the big city and spent time with people who are not mindful eaters. I can say with absolute certainty that I felt like we are losing the fight against junk food and that there is definitely not a trend towards healthier eating by the masses. I might be doing it. You might be doing it. But out there in the world the majority of people are still killing themselves with their knives and forks. It was disheartening.

Then I came home, back to where I know the rules. The 1st day back, 2 separate customers came shopping for ‘their food’, as they were going away with people and didn’t want any food issues to arise so they prepared for all eventualities. So Yay!… it wasn’t only me!

And in the last few days we have helped some healthy-eating-virgins with their first tottering steps on the road to healthier eating. We get a kick out of watching them hear things for the first time – milk is not good for you, cereal is not food, yoghurt is for profit- not for health, sugar contributes to pain and mass-market and battery meat is a hormone-laden time-bomb…

It turns out people are changing – not in their droves but 1 person at a time. One meal at a time. It’s fantastic to be instrumental in their success and so I will walk my talk wherever I go and encourage all healthy eaters not to ‘take time off’ when you’re amongst outsiders, but be the change you want to see in the world – you never know; you may save a life!