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In this series of blogs we are exploring the 5 areas in which all humans should thrive, at age-appropriate levels.  The 1st 2 blogs in this series dealt with Physiological & Cognitive thriving.  3 are left – Emotional, Physical, and Social.  Altered function in any of these areas should be addressed. This blog will be looking into thriving emotionally

What do we mean by Emotional Well-being? In 1947 the World Health Organisation defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” Until now the NHS has given precedence to promoting physical well-being, but the green paper Our Healthier Nation signals that this may need to change. It emphasises the importance of emotional well-being for health: indeed, health is defined as “being confident and positive and able to cope with the ups and downs of life.” These statements are supported by an increasing body of epidemiological, social science and experimental research that is beginning to suggest that initiatives which aim to promote physical well-being to the exclusion of mental and social well-being may be doomed to failure. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1114432/)

The implications of decreased emotional well-being are related to mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety. These in turn, contribute to physical health concerns such as digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, and general lack of energy.  Emotional health is not a topic people like to talk about.  Don’t we all like to look and feel strong and capable?  Don’t we feel weak when we feel down or overwhelmed?  How much do we hate asking for help?

Humans are emotional creatures.  Modern western doctoring doesn’t seem to take this part of us into account when treating us.  Fear seems to be an intrinsic part of medicine today.  Have you recently been frightened into taking a prescription or undergoing a procedure?  Have you been offered counseling after a dreaded diagnosis for you or a loved one?  If you are suffering a chronic illness or are battling disease, are you only taking meds for physical symptoms, ‘ignoring’ the fear, dread, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm and sense of calamity that plagues your thoughts (and ultimately inhibits your progress?)

This blog is to let you know that there is hope and help!  Much as you may not want to ask for it, there should be no shame attached to helping yourself heal on every level, including your emotional self.  Have you heard of Bach Flower Remedies?  Purely emotional remedies, Bach Flowers help us to deal with the layers of emotions that stand between us and thriving energetic good health.  You might not know what you need, but our Bach Flower consultant is here every day to help you explore the best way out of the darkness.  Functional Medicine is a far Remove from Western Medicine in this regard, acknowledging that our emotional and spiritual selves are the centre of all our symptoms and must, therefore, be a part of our healing.  As a Functional Medicine trained Health Coach, Michelle is superbly positioned to help you navigate this minefield in a safe and secure space. 

Here are 5 simple tips to help you through an emotional rough patch…

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day.  (Gratitude has become a field of study and the benefits of a gratitude practice are profound https://www.happierhuman.com/the-science-of-gratitude/)
  2. Feel your feelings. (sounds easier than it is, right?  Look at the lengths people go to in order to avoid this seemingly simple objective – drinking, shopping, eating, sex, sleep, gambling and so the list goes on.)
  3. Learn to be as comfortable in your own company as you are amongst other people.  Both extreme ends of this spectrum are unhealthy
  4. Celebrate your small successes every day. Maybe, like me, you were taught as a child not to blow your own trumpet.  Blow it I say!  Blow it hard, everyday.
  5.  Ask the appropriate people for help.  Bach Flower remedies are available at The Good Health Shop by appointment with michelle@thegoodhealthshop.co.za.  Functional Medicine Health Coaching sessions can be set up with your healthcoach@1smallstep.co.za