Testimonials from our first Reboot

Thank you very much Michelle you have always been a true help, I really appreciate the Reboot and it was worth every penny. – JP

It has been awesome! Thank you so much for bringing so much awareness not only to the foods we eat but how we spend our time eating and at home with our loved ones. 🙏🙏 I will carry these lessons with me always. – Jamie-Lee

Has been a great experience feeling better than before will keep on working at things. – Kathy

Yes its so easy to just slip back to the old ways. Be vigilant until the new habits become the new norm. By new year we wont need any new resolutions ! Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge so generously. – Nicki

November is typically the worst month in my working year from a fatigue and stress perspective. I decided to do the 5-day Kick-start challenge offered by Michelle at The Good Health Shop and boy, did it make a tangible difference. While giving up my daily caffeine fix was a bit difficult, I found the incredibly nutritious food was just what I needed to get me on the path to increased energy and a new outlook on healthy choices. The Kickstart is a great way to get your body into better-choices mode and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing an infusion of sensibility. The recipes are delicious and the comprehensive shopping list takes the hassle factor out of planning. – Allyson

This reboot has not stopped for me! The first major feedback is that I now do not want dairy or sugar. This has enabled me to start jogging. I love the summer sun, jogging and having great fun. Laughing again. The second thing for me is that this has all led my Peri-menopause hormones to settle down and come into balance as the natural hormonal endorphins that’s releasing is working miracles. This enabled more energy to enjoy my day at work. Thank you Michelle! – Suria

Thank you so much 🤩 it was indeed an amazing kickstart… Really enjoying the new healthy habits. You made it so easy to start this new lifestyle… I can’t believe how less puffy I am… I lost 3kg but it feels more like 7kg… I feel so much lighter and more comfortable. Thank you Michelle. – Anita

5-Day Reboot

22 – 26 March 2021

Early Bird Price: R475

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