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It may be labelled The Silly Season, but we are seeing more people suffering with anxiety, stress and all manner of misery than we see even in Matric Exam time.

There’s something about this time of the year that pushes people to their edge… Maybe it’s the whole idea that you need to spend money to show someone you love them? Or the relentless need to show how happy you are, even though you’re missing someone or December makes you sad? Whatever it might be, feeling otherwise in December seems much worse that feeling the same way at any other time of the year. It makes one feel lonely and apart from festivities that are often forced or fake even though they look exciting and fun. I am a bit of a Grinch at this time of the year. I don’t believe in material expressions of affection; I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas and I absolutely hate new year’s eve and the hype around it – the fireworks and the resolutions and all the over-drinking.

I totally empathise with people who wish it were all over but have to get through the next few weeks with a brave and happy face. I personally utilise all the tools at my disposal: Bach Flower Remedies for the emotional turmoil, Felix for the feelings of depression, Completone for physical and mental exhaustion, LiverScript because there’s so much to eat and drink (and sometimes it’s even fun, despite it all) and probiotics because they make you feel better and keep all the after-effects at bay.

It’s Big-Girl Panties time really… let’s make the best of it – it’s once a year, it’s over quickly and there may just be a really good present in it from someone unexpected…