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This is just to say a very big thank you for a really valuable menopause course – I’m so sad its finished! It came at a much needed time – not that I’m surprised at that!! – and it was just fabulous meeting such lovely ladies who are on the same path. You made everyone of us feel important and I just loved all the special touches and “little something’s” you included!

As you are aware this has been a very challenging year health wise and you have played no small part in helping me not just stay on the path but to move forward and stay positive. Your humour, integrity and detailed preparation are so appreciated. I have reached the end of the year feeling exhausted but that’s not where I will stay and the last 4 weeks have helped me refocus on some really important issues.

So for now I plan to stay on track as far as possible with Christmas and all that brings – mindful, right!! And next year is a new start on this fabulous journey of life!

Thank you so much!