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We’re More Fulfilled When We’re Social

We’re More Fulfilled When We’re Social

In this series of blogs we are exploring the 5 areas in which all humans should thrive, at age-appropriate levels.  The first three blogs in this series dealt with Physiological, Cognitive & Emotional thriving.  Two are left - Physical, and Social. ...

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being

In this series of blogs we are exploring the 5 areas in which all humans should thrive, at age-appropriate levels.  The 1st 2 blogs in this series dealt with Physiological & Cognitive thriving.  3 are left - Emotional, Physical, and Social.  Altered...

Cognitive Health

Cognitive Health

In Blog 1/5 we took a look at the 1st of the 5 areas in which all humans should thrive, at age-appropriate levels: Physiological. This blog will focus on Cognitive thriving. What do we even mean by thriving on a cognitive level? Well, I suppose remembering is the...

8 hours, preconception through to toddler.

8 hours, preconception through to toddler.

Yesterday (Sunday) I attended an all-day Functional Practitioner’s workshop held by Dr Leslie Stone and Dr Michael Stone, who run a clinic in Oregon and an online site 8 hours, preconception through to toddler.  There was a lot about...

Lifestyle medicine is The Medicine of The Future

Lifestyle medicine is The Medicine of The Future

‘Health Care’ is becoming a very specific phrase.  Health is no longer simply an absence of symptoms.  You want to sleep well and wake up feeling as well as possible every day.  Some days, when you feel less than good, you might think of yourself as...

Are You Ready to Change & Grow?

Are You Ready to Change & Grow?

Facing challenges is inevitable. It might be a rare event, it might be daily struggle.  The analogy of a baby’s birth, a difficult process for both mother and infant, is a necessary tussle; perhaps you are not able to reconcile the challenges in your life with...

The Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies

In our quest for radiant, vibrant, energetic good health, it’s the most natural thing to be thinking of physical health. We coach for changes in the Modifiable Lifestyle factors – eating, drinking, moving, sleeping, and coping. We might acknowledge mental health and...

What People are saying

Severe Eczema Relief

This is on of those times when there are never enough words to say Thank you. Our 2.4 year old daughter Kiera has severe eczema and with help from Michelle and Jacques today is the 1st day in 7 months our child has woken up without a rash on her hands and face. Stuart and I are thankful to have our happy girl back and grateful to have had a full nights sleep in months. I know we are a distance away, Michelle is always a phone call away.

Nicky Ingham Charlton

What do I want to achieve from my coaching sessions?

In all of my 77 years I have rarely put pen to paper) or rather fingers to keyboard) either to compliment or complain of any product or service. You are one of the very few exceptions.
Over the years of my retirement, suffering a broken ankle, lower back pain and arthritic joint degeneration, I had lost much agility and consequently this led to a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. My attempts to counter this by daily walks of 2-3km gave me only doctors accounts and medications for pain reduction and inflammation. My only form of exercise came from our weekly shopping expeditions

I have attempted many of the “you tube miracles” to counter my increased girth and decreased mobility without any success. By chance, during a visit to your store during the first week in February, I asked if you could help in any way at all. Your response was to offer me a 5-session project with you as my health coach. You offered this without any knowledge of my infirmities, little knowing what you were taking on.

From our 1st session on February 14th to the 5th session on May 29th, through your enthusiastic, caring and encouraging ways, the results have been amazing. I recall your first question was “what do I want to achieve from these coaching sessions”? My response to that was, to reduce my belly fat and increase my mobility. This you have most definitely achieved. Although weight reduction was never a requirement it was fairly obvious that any reduction in fat would also result in a reduction in weight. To date I have lost 1okgs and am currently down 10cms around the stomach. I have appreciated feedback from you after each session recounting our discussions, each with additional content and even more tips and encouragement. The non-impact exercises you implemented are an additional benefit. The way you handled any snags during this journey has indeed been painless and I can only thank you for this. I do understand that I am still a work in progress, and it is good to know you have my interest at heart, and are just an email or phone-call away.

As an unexpected bonus, my 6 monthly check-up revealed that a previously diagnosed irregular heartbeat (due to atrial fibrillation) has now become a steady beat. Cholesterol levels have also improved.

In fairness, the support from my wife, (since this is a change in our lifestyle) has been a tremendous encouragement, she is now also benefiting from this program.

I can only hope that anyone reading this, with similar problems that I was encountering, will be encouraged to also follow your advice.

I remain, yours gratefully


Valuable Menopause Course

This is just to say a very big thank you for a really valuable menopause course – I’m so sad its finished! It came at a much needed time – not that I’m surprised at that!! – and it was just fabulous meeting such lovely ladies who are on the same path. You made everyone of us feel important and I just loved all the special touches and “little something’s” you included!

As you are aware this has been a very challenging year health wise and you have played no small part in helping me not just stay on the path but to move forward and stay positive. Your humour, integrity and detailed preparation are so appreciated. I have reached the end of the year feeling exhausted but that’s not where I will stay and the last 4 weeks have helped me refocus on some really important issues.

So for now I plan to stay on track as far as possible with Christmas and all that brings – mindful, right!! And next year is a new start on this fabulous journey of life!

Thank you so much!


Health Coaching Workshop Dealing With Menopause

As I am in my menopause season of life, I found the information available on the internet etc very overwhelming. So much contradicting information regarding hormone replacement and how to cope with all the side effects that go hand in hand with menopause. It made me anxious and I had no idea where to begin dealing with what I was experiencing.

Michelle advertised a Health Coaching workshop specifically dealing with menopause and it is probably the best time I have ever invested in myself. Michelle just grounded and equipped me with the necessary life tools to realise menopause is totally manageable and should not feel like its the end but rather the beginning of a beautiful season of life.

I can highly recommend Michelle’s Health Coaching workshops. I have done more than one, and each one offered valuable tools regarding the specific subject discussed. I will definitely join into future workshops as they are presented.

Antoinette Kirton

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