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The difference between Intermittent Fasting and Starving is a VERY FINE LINE

👣 There is no one-size-fits-all way to properly do Intermittent Fasting.  Some people can do it and some people should do it and some people SHOULD NOT and some people CANNOT

👣 Intermittent Fasting is NOT all about The Eating Window, as many books, blogs and sites seem to recommend

👣 For your fast to be effective, we have to make it more about YOU, your unique person and your unique metabolism and your individual challenges

👣 The difference between fasting and starving also hinges on what you eat on either side of your Eating Window

👣 Fasting is healthy. You efficiently burn fat for fuel, your insulin and sugar are stable, your energy and focus are at their peak and autophagy (cellular housekeeping) is activated.  🚫 Starving is unhealthy.  Your body eats up muscle tissue to try and survive it.  Your sugar levels fluctuate.  You are tired, irritable and ‘hangry’. Your adrenals take over in response to starvation in an effort to keep you alive, draining resources that would normally fuel memory, sex drive, digestion, immunity etc.

👣 👣  Here at The Good Health Shop, our Health Coach helps you to personalise your protocol to ensure that you remain in the Healthy Zone.

The only way to ensure the success of intermittent fasting is to PERSONALISE it, and our Health Coach can help you do that healthcoach@1smallstep.co.za

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