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When we detox our bodies, we think about fried food and too much wine, but we don’t think about other ways we can be making our bodies toxic… our homes are often crowded with unnecessary toxins 👀 Toxins are classified as products that are poisonous to humans, and because most of what we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream, it’s important to know about the potentially harmful toxins in your products and what, if any, impact they have on your health. ⚠️

Your skin should be your 1st line of defense, and we should be very careful what we expose it to – what goes on goes in, mostly. So from our green dish washing liquid, through Jik, Handy Andy, oven cleaner, toiletries and skin care, we have layers of environmental toxins to consider.

⚠️Washing powder contains a high percentage of toxins including pthalates, toxic fragrances, colourants, bleach and recycled paper;  washing powder is a huge allergen and a culprit in almost all skin conditions, because it has residues that remain in your clothes and on your linen and towels, and there’s literally no escape for your skin!

⚠️Jik is extremely alkaline – the slimy texture is the clue – and our skin surface is supposed to be slightly acidic (it is called The Acid Mantle), so bleach causes a disruption in our 1st line of defense, allowing toxins to penetrate the broken barrier. The toxins in bleach include dioxins, furans and PCDDs called “persistent organic pollutants”. The toxins from bleach can cause drastic long and short-term respiratory problems upon inhalation. People who have allergies or respiratory problems, such as asthma, should avoid using bleach. Fumes from the bleach can also linger in homes that are poorly ventilated. The air indoors then becomes polluted with toxins, endangering the health of everyone in the house.

⚠️ Toiletries & cosmetics (even expensive ones), skin care, toothpaste are contaminated by paprabens phthalates, heavy metals, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals that are hormone disruptors, and toxic in numerous ways

😊 The Good News is that there are non-toxic alternatives to every one of these problematic products.  Here at The Good Health Shop we stock non-toxic products ranging from toiletries to oven cleaner.  The effort we make in reducing the toxic burden in ways we CAN control will be repaid in spades, as your body will be better able to deal with the toxicity issues that are out of our control.

Non-toxic ranges include 💫Earthsap  💫 TRIPLE ORANGE™ 💫 Jozi Organic 💫 Pure Beginnings