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You’re definitely not alone if you feel the need hit the ‘seat eject’ button. The secret sauce is learning to rest, not to quit, and here’s how you might think about adjusting your mindset…

  1. Hit the pause button. If you keep a diary or weekly planner, schedule in a block of time with nothing on it. Even if it’s 1 hour a month, make it a sacred space. Don’t plan anything in it… when that ‘white time’ arrives, only then do you decide how to use it – nap, watch the birds, see a movie, have tea with a friend, or just be, by yourself, quietly, in this precious time.
  2. Learn to breathe. No, I’m not joking. Lots of people hold their breath when they are stressed or concentrating on a task at hand. Pay attention to your breathing – shallow breathing is a stress signal and sets off the adrenals. Deep slow breathing messages your biology that all is calm in the outside world.
  3. Move your body. Walk, dance, bounce or run, moving your body keeps your mind in the moment and puts a quick stop to the destructive monkey-mind
  4. Putting yourself first sometimes is not selfish. All the people who rely on you need you to be well and strong, so in this context it makes sense that *they* should want you to look after yourself. It’s important not to abandon your priorities – whether it’s your gym time, haircut, massage, manicure or tea with friends, you need to do what needs to be done to stay mentally, physically and psychologically strong for the long haul (note to self: self-care time is not white-time. Self-care is planned, diarised and prioritised. Sacred white-time is part of your routine)

Make time for your wellness before you’re forced to make time for your illness.

… as your manner, mood and attitude improve, you’ll see it reflected in all those around you.