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Surviving to Thriving – Part 3

You made a list yesterday, even if it’s only in your head. 

You’re thinking and that puts you ahead of the pack.

Now, Pick 1 thing.

Choose 1 habit, or 1 symptom, from this list that you would choose to not have if you ‘waved a magic wand’.  This is your 1 thing that, today, with your family and friends or, together with your Functional Medicine Health Coach, you can shine a light on and begin to resolve.  It’s an important part of the process to name your 1 Thing.  Don’t feel silly about naming your weak spot.  Even though it might feel uncomfortable, I’m asking you to Trust The Process… write it down.  Expose it to the light of day.  There is no-one in this community of seekers that feels any different to you – we all want to defeat the 1 thing that is holding us back.  And right now you have the time…

Now that you chose and named the 1 Thing about your health that’s bothering you, are you ready to do 1 thing about it?.  1 small thing? 1 real thing.  1 action step,  because just knowing something is not enough.

An example of 1 small step is to not eat and drink at the same time, starting with 1 meal.  A very  achievable goal, and while it might sound simple, that’s because it is.  But the effects of this small tweak can have a profound impact on the digestion of food, which will relieve a lot of discomfort and improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and even ease constipation..   Harvard professor Teresa Amabile’s research showed that a feeling of progress in your efforts was the single most motivating variable. Why not take this very second to choose to begin?  What does your 1 Small step look like for you?

As you’re building your awareness, you’ve noticed that either you’re doing well, staying focused on your 1 symptom and 1 Small Step, or if some self-sabotaging bad habits are preventing you from implementing 1 small change in your daily routine.  You might be feeling really good about yourself right now. You might also be feeling stuck and frustrated.  Perhaps you have done better that you think, even if you haven’t fulfilled your goal? In fact, you’re still here, even if you are still contemplating, and that makes you a winner too. If you’ve made a decision, chosen a starting point and seen it through once in the week, that’s still progress and I am proud of you.  Stay in the moment.  Treat yourself with kind-sight.  Stick to your plan. 

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