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Surviving to Thriving – Part 2

Lets do a quick health assessment…      Are you really 100% healthy?

  • Full of energy?
  • Getting 8 hours of restful sleep?
  • Got a great libido?
  • Anxious and stressed?
  • At your ideal weight?
  • Hair, skin and nails in peak condition?

If you really look at your lifestyle, were you really functioning at your peak before you were forced to pay attention to the health of your body?

In Russel Brand’s book, Recovery, he makes the observation that you don’t have to live a changed life all at once, but rather one second at a time.  You don’t have to never have bread ever again today, you don’t have to give up fizzy drinks for the rest of your life today – you only have to be better one second at a time.  He also notes that there is no benefit in beating yourself up for failing a second ago. It’s gone. You can only try to be successful in this second. 

This is probably not news to you. But what do you do with what you know?
What do you want to change in this second of your life?

Because whatever you are not changing you are choosing.

Habits are strange housemates – we don’t pay attention to them unless they begin to cause distress. Once we have noticed a ‘bad habit’ it immediately becomes a drama and difficult to change. The minute you decide to give up sugar, it becomes the thing you crave all day every day. Is it because whatever we think about the most shapes our reality? (I like to think so)
So have a think about the habits that are holding you back, affecting your health in a negative way. It might be a list and that’s okay. Tomorrow we’ll work on what to do with what you know.

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