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‘Health Care’ is becoming a very specific phrase.  Health is no longer simply an absence of symptoms.  You want to sleep well and wake up feeling as well as possible every day.  Some days, when you feel less than good, you might think of yourself as sick.  You might go to the doctor.  He or she will prescribe you some medicine to make you well. 

What a lovely story that is.  It is far removed from reality though.  When you don’t sleep well or wake up feeling sick, this is your body doing something – fighting a germ, or tackling an invader with inflammatory compounds; these self-defence mechanisms in action are NOT sickness!  They are wellness hard at work…

But you take these ‘symptoms’ to your doctor and 100% of the time the doctor will name them, blame them and tame them.  I just made that up, so I hope you get the gist of what I mean…

Your ear is blocked and it’s making you dizzy… you have vertigo (name it) that’s why you’re dizzy (blame it) so here’s a pill for vertigo (tame it).  Your doctor failed to ask you WHY your ear blocked in the 1st place.

Another way western medicine lies to us is by removing your sense of control over your signs and symptoms… you have high cholesterol?  It must be hereditary.  You can’t help yourself now, so just take this pill.  The same applies to elevated blood pressure or low iron, for example.  While there may well be a genetic component, these hereditary ‘diseases’ usually show up in young people.  Name blame and tame takes away your responsibility for the choices you have made so far.  Taking a pill to take away the symptoms does NOT change your biology or make you well. As soon as the pills are done you are back to square one, so your script is repeated to keep the discomfort at bay. 

A ‘health care provider’ will look into your food and drink, movement and stress; modifiable lifestyle factors that may have led to this deteriorated state of health.  Doing these things differently help you change your biology – signs and symptoms retreat and disappear.  Your body is different from the day you started.  Isn’t that a better scenario?

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal.  It’s a fact no medical professional wants you to know.  Not one of us is ever sick from a deficiency of aspirin, or antibiotics or PPi’s.  Given the correct tools and environment, seeing health and sickness through a different lens, and being prepared to accept responsibility for our own health, we can heal our ourselves to a very large degree.  Yes, there is a place for lifesaving western medicine.  But suppressing symptoms, medicating side effects of prescribed drugs and treating healing mechanisms as signs of illness, these are NOT what real, vibrant, energetic good health is all about.

Lifestyle medicine is The Medicine of The Future.  Functional Medicine is on the Cutting Edge of this paradigm shift.  The question to always ask is ‘why’.  The answers are often difficult to say, to hear, to know.  It’s for this reason that you might choose to work with a health coach.  It’s all so much easier with a guide and a map when you’re feeling lost.

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