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Some background info

I follow a business blog called Storybrand. This week the questions were ‘what is your mission?’ and ‘what is at stake?’.  It was thought provoking for two big reasons:

  1. It’s not a way we as small business owners are trained to think.
  2. There is SO much at stake!  It’s impossible to be alive in the world and not notice how many people are sick.

Here at The Good Health Shop we have never had a formal mission statement.

The shop started out in 2008 to sell people things they couldn’t buy anywhere else. Gradually that turned into an understanding of WHY people wanted these particular things. I had to learn, and fast!  Over the course of the years I have studied sclerology as a ‘diagnostic tool’ in an effort to gain insight into underlying drivers of symptoms and signs. 

The direction I turned here was to Functional Medicine – looking for the root causes and not just medicating symptoms.  People loved it, and they felt better.  They told their friends.  The questions started getting harder; the answers more complicated… This in turn led to a qualification in Functional Medicine Health coaching, a new way of helping people to help themselves. 

Our most recent turn of events was October and the appearance of Jacques, iridologist, herbalist and straight-talker.  We work as a team to help you understand the how and the why and to make lasting changes that equate to lasting health. Because the stakes are so high, the more people we can reach the better.

The Challenge…

So what would our mission statement be if we considered what’s at stake? 

‘we help you understand your health so you can preserve it; because once it’s lost, it’s really hard to get back’?

 ‘real health is more than an absence of symptoms.  Feeling anything less than fantastic is a compromise you shouldn’t be prepared to make’?

‘a healthier lifestyle should be a prescription.  No-one is sick from a deficiency of prescription drugs’?

‘western medicine has lied to us about our body’s ability to heal itself; but it does need a healthy environment to do that’?

The Prize!

I would love to hear your suggestions.  Help us with a mission statement that defines ‘what’s at stake’ and win a Hamper filled with Health Products.