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[Spoiler Alert: tough stuff to hear included]

Health Coaching is emerging in response to the rise in chronic illness and the inability of western medicine to address issues in any way significant way, if this term is new for you and you would like to learn more about life coaching visit this website sweetlifecoach.co.uk for more information.

Our health issues have become complex, yet the average doctor books you a 15 minute appointment but seldom spends more than 10 minutes per patient.

Our western doctors might know a lot about sickness, but they don’t know a lot about health.

We are not generally observant when our bodies throw out signs and symptoms, and if we do notice, our doctor hasn’t the time to listen.

We are disconnected from the facts that how we live can be harmful to our health.

Our lives don’t allow us downtime.

  • 1 Small Step Health Coaching is set up to help you before your signs and symptoms become chronic disease. 
  • Your health coach has time to hear you, to unravel the intricacies of your physical, mental and emotional health and to work with you, and with a good doctor, if necessary.
  • Your health coach has intimate knowledge of nutrition, movement, sleep, supplements and general lifestyle factors that could have contributed to the loss of your health.
  • A health coach can help you live a healthier life and reduce your risk factors for chronic illness

I’d like to introduce you to the story of my husband’s friend Lue, who, after a debilitating decline in health, received a double-lung transplant but sadly succumbed to his illness on the 13th of March 2019. Lue was a young man in his 40’s with a beautiful wife and 2 young children, a busy family man.  Lue kept a Facebook blog that his wife continues in memorium and she has a powerful story that she has gracefully agreed to share with us. It’s hard to hear, but harder to live it…

*The Breathless Chronicles is with Luewellyn Pillay and Harsha Pillay. 19 May at 09:04*

I’ve been tracking back in my mind to when Lue may have started to get ill. I’m certain he’d had the lung disease for a lot longer than we realized…but just how long was it?

The records I’m drawing on are photos ☺️ thank goodness we have FB. Bitter sweet memories of the years gone by with this icon of a man.

Luewellyn Pillay was always slim and athletic, but as I scrolled through the photos there was a noticeable change in his look.

He looked gaunt, old even.

I can recall a year even 2 before he had his lung biopsy he wouldn’t let me take photos of him… did he know something was wrong?

I found a family photo from 2014, his face is thin.

Then Jan 2015, I snapped a pic while he tried on a cap, and I’ll never forget thinking something is not right, he’s aging. When I’d ask him – he’d brush me off.

That year was wrought with constant sickness for him. He’d say “Agh it’s just the flu”

Sinusitis, tonsillitis, post nasal drip, ear & throat infections…

And it sure wasn’t that the kids were bringing bugs home from school, they hardly got sick?

Lue should’ve allowed the doctor to admit him in 2015. He’d gone through more than 12 rounds of antibiotics, because he was “too busy” to be admitted into hospital. Eventually he got hit with bronchial pneumonia…

I should’ve been harder on him!


Eventually in Feb 2016 he saw a pulmonologist, and had his lung biopsy – Interstitial Lung Disease with hypersensitivity to pneumonitis – I think is what they called it.

My point to all this is. We’re stubborn!!!

Men, Women, doesn’t matter, we’re bloody stubborn when it’s important!

The signs were there…

And given that these bugs are getting more and more resistant, we need to take better care of ourselves.

We need to be aware of our bodies, and that of our partners.

Talk about, Do something about it!

Your selfishness in not taking care of yourself, will be to the detriment of your loved ones.