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In our quest for radiant, vibrant, energetic good health, it’s the most natural thing to be thinking of physical health. We coach for changes in the Modifiable Lifestyle factors – eating, drinking, moving, sleeping, and coping. We might acknowledge mental health and look to counselling, supplements, prescription or recreational drugs. How often do we consider the impact of Emotional Health on this equation?

Emotional health is an integral part of overall health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They are able to cope with life’s challenges… Emotionally healthy people know how to manage their feelings.

Depression, anxiety, stress, poor body image, grief, loss, a major change in your life such as losing your job, relocating, loss of a spouse or becoming a new parent can all affect your and emotional health and through it, your day-to-day living. Sometimes it is hard to know if what you are experiencing is depression or sadness, worry or anxiety; all of these are ‘normal emotions’ that help alert us to, and protect us from dangerous situations, and often result in action. This is healthy! What is unhealthy is when these feelings become excessive, irrational, ongoing, distressing or interfere with daily life.

What if you could restore the balance between mind and body by displacing negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, social anxiety and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of your being as a whole?

You’re about to explore a profound and beautiful emotional restorative called Bach Flower Remedies. The most common Flower Remedy is Rescue Remedy, a combination of 5 flowers that rescue us from emotional turmoil.  The original Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach from 1920 – 1930’s in England. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by ‘casting out negative emotions’ such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets.

The remedies are preserved in grape based brandy and are gluten free.

It helps to work with a Bach consultant, and Michelle is well trained to make the remedies a useful part of any trials or speed-bumps encountered or uncovered through the coaching process.