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I saw the term ‘health challenge’ on the internet, and it really got me thinking…  perfectly healthy people can have a health challenge, or even a health crisis, and because we are generally healthy, these speed-wobbles can feel so so serious – we hate being incapacitated and functioning at anything less than 100%. Catching a cold, or having a migraine, or spraining an ankle – these events can be seen as challenges. We might need to rest (G-d forbid), we might need an anti-inflammatory or an antibiotic (oh dear, I hate taking drugs unless I have to). Is it possible to re-frame these events?  Could it be that it’s time for a rest and we should be using the down-time wisely? Are there natural alternatives to the prescribed drugs? Do I need to look at my food and drink for triggers? Is there a lesson here? Am I sleeping enough of the right hours?

Could we look at health Challenge from another perspective – like this : could I challenge you to make 1 small change in a behaviour, habit, food or drink that you think you could be doing better at?

  • go to bed 1 hour earlier
  • drink 1 less coffee in a day
  • say thank you to 1 person
  • have an internet-free hour with a loved one once a week (at least)

Good health is a resource much taken for granted, but sorely missed in its absence.  Health promotion, prevention, self-care, whichever terminology you choose, it should be a priority; while we are still healthy, we should be working hard to stay healthy – this is my domain as a functional Medicine Health Coach, so if you need the tools, the steps, the roadmap going forward, join me on the 15th Jan at 4 for an introduction to the coaching process, or make an appointment and get started !