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The most common reason we hear is that ‘I don’t think I eat enough’. It’s not a bad reason. Eat enough organically grown nutritious veg is a better answer. Here’s a question – if you eat broccoli, have you noticed that the broccoli stem is hollow?  The hollow stem show that the broccoli contains no boron thanks to poor soil conditions. It’s 1 small example of the story of modern mass-market veg, and it’s the biggest difference between veg and organic veg today. What is it that we should be supplementing?  The short answer is ‘whatever you are not eating’. That would mean 1st and foremost a probiotic. We generally don’t eat fermented foods in South Africa, and the more we know about gut health the more we know it’s The Place to Start. Then we should be adding omega 3 fish oil – bearing in mind that mercury toxicity is a real thing, you should ask if your omega has been cleaned of heavy metals; there are very few omegas we can safely recommend, so please ask us if you are unsure. Then we should all be adding minerals. I hear you ask ‘why not vitamins Michelle?’ Because in the absence of minerals, vitamins cannot function, and in the absence of vitamins, minerals can do every one of their functions. After you have covered these basics, you should notice that you are feeling much different and some of your symptoms are abating. Now you can feel free to add supportive nutrients for inflammation, digestion, hormone balancing or immune boosting, as your needs require.

BUT, if you don’t have a strong foundation before you supplement, you’re ‘building your house on a slippery slope’. Take care of the basics; individualise your regime, ask if you’re not certain, and you will succeed!