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How many people do you know who are sick? So many people are suffering to varying degrees.  You might consider yourself lucky – you’re more well than most. Niggling aches, occasional constipation and the odd bad night can be unsettling; daily stresses like angry bosses, difficult family members or debts can rattle us, but in the big picture we are so well!

Should we sit back and rest on our laurels, enjoying our good health and good fortune?  I would like to suggest that this is the time for Active Health Promotion – Staying Well is much cheaper and less stressful than getting well (ask anyone who has been ill or had surgery or is coping with a chronic illness).

The risk of being healthy is that when you socialise or attend an event and function you won’t be able to participate in the misery of sharing symptoms. You won’t be able to compare the cost of your medical expenses with others; in short, you won’t fit in.  And when all these other people, flying on automatic pilot, eat and drink to their detriment while you monitor your portion control and make the healthiest available choices, you’ll be teased and ridiculed as a tree hugger or health nut in an attempt to shame you into ‘normality’.

We the actively healthy are almost subversive in our choices, swimming upstream, existing outside the box of current social norms. We, the actively healthy, might, unbeknown to us, be leading the way…

Are you noticing that 1 of your crowd is asking you questions? Showing an interest in why you’re making these choices? Is 1 of your friends noticing your new weight, your shining eyes, your healthy hair and great relationship?

Choosing Health Coaching is ground-breaking, active health promotion. Early adopters are finding themselves first looked at askance but slowly being noticed as beacon – because your friends who know you and love you feel that if you could do it, they can too, and thus begins the revolution 😊 throughout history it is those that will not be satisfied with mediocrity that are the agents of change, the creators and innovators of a brave new world.