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Recently, Carte Blanche blew the lid off fraud in the honey industry. It follows on a recent expose of flavoured olive oil. Its resonant of the fact that the industry that was set up to look after our health doesn’t care about our food, and the industry that provides our food doesn’t care about our health. Food has become a for-profit industry, stretching products with water, brine, soy, (gmo & cheap) processed wheat and fillers to reduce the price to the consumer and still ensuring a ‘healthy’ profit, adding chemicals, saturated (cheap) fats, processed (cheap) sugars, colourants, preservatives, flavour enhancers, hormones, antibiotics and a long list of other ingredients now necessary to give it taste and flavour, colour and shelf-life. In amongst the list of chemical additives are often ‘vitamins’ to fortify otherwise dead and denuded processed frankenfood, vitamins that were never extracted from other food, but manufactured in a laboratory, synthetic molecules, mimicking the real thing in an often sleek and cunning manner that may offer a completely depleted body some basic nutrition, but our biology certainly recognises the difference between a whole orange picked fully ripe off a tree vs a synthetic molecule of vitamin C. Real whole food should be our focus; organic if we can get it, local wherever possible, as much of it as possible.