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Supplements are a minefield. People’s belief systems range from ‘waste of money, expensive pee’ to ‘I can’t function without these’ and every shade in-between.

Let me try and clear up a few misconceptions, and by all means if you have any specific questions that aren’t answered feel free to email them to me…

• Supplements are so named as they are meant to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle.
• Our standard western diet is profoundly deficient in minerals
• We no longer eat fermented or probiotic foods as part of our basic diet

Modern farming methods routinely fail to nourish soil and our food is grown in chemical fertilizer instead. Among the main casualties in this is Fulvic Acid. In the most simplistic of explanations, soil is where the minerals are, but humans are not designed to eat the soil – we should eat the plants that grow in that soil and the fulvic acid allows the minerals from the soil to be turned into nutrients digestible by humans. There are tons of benefits of fulvic acid to plants, and in humans it works on the all-important integrity of the gut-lining to improve both absorption and natural cellular detoxification. The probiotic or fermented foods magnify this benefit by making the internal environment more conducive to a healthy gut lining.

The take-away from this is that when you look at your health and find it lacking in a particular area, when you want to spend money on really beneficial supplements from the best supplement manufacturers, start here, with live probiotics and minerals with fulvic acid, just the way nature intended…