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Healthy Living is an idea that we aspire to, without really thinking about the concept in a practical way. We ‘eat healthier’ don’t drink too much coffee and we might even get a bit of exercise in a week, but is this really Health Promotion? Is ‘healthy living’ as simple as an absence of disease?

Our western medicine paradigm knows a lot about sickness and disease, but it’s becoming more evident with time that this model knows nothing about health, how to maintain it and how to go about regaining it when it’s lost.

The whole ‘name it, blame it, tame it’ method of prescribing a pill for every ill doesn’t seem appropriate any more in this age of chronic illness and dread disease. So, where to from here?

I would say that prevention is better than cure, where it’s at all possible. What does that even mean? At it’s most basic it means moving is better than sitting, no matter how you choose to move, G-d’s food over mans food wherever possible, eat more plants – all colours, drink enough water, get some sun, and supplement the basic necessities like mineral, probiotics and omega 3’s

Does this sound overly-simplistic to you? if it was a check-list, how many items could you tick off?