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Sometimes blogs are easy to write. There’s a collective consciousness at work and a lot of people ask the same questions and I answer so often the blog comes naturally. Other times I can find myself so scattered that there’s no 1 overriding message or issue to focus on. And then there’s blogs like this one, where it’s a message that needs to be out there in the world, but I don’t want to be the one to send it; an ancient Jewish scribe, Hillel, said ‘if not now, when? If not me, who?’

Losing weight is a hot topic. We’re bombarded with stats of The Obesity Epidemic’. Losing weight is hard. Very hard. Delicious fattening unhealthy food is everywhere, and it’s generally inexpensive. It’s totally acceptable to overeat. Large portions, extra sides, double patties, free drinks with meals, massive slices of cake with cream or ice cream, bars, slabs, packets all very brightly coloured to attract our attention (just like nature makes flowers to attracts bees and birds). It’s totally acceptable to drink and over drink – drunkenness is seldom frowned upon and often encouraged. Fathers teach their sons to drink beer, wine is put on the table to teach kids good drinking etiquette, and Pigs night, Games night, and other social drinking environments are encouraged. We ingest a massive number of calories from drinking alcohol, sodas and fruit juices, which adds to The Obesity Epidemic.

But the point of the blog is this – if you see an advert for a weight-loss product or program that goes ‘lose weight without diet or exercise’, why doesn’t your logic kick in and raise a red flag for you? There is a local program going around just like this, and it includes hormone injections and schedule 3 prescription medication, and yes, you might lose a few kg’s but at what cost? By the end of a program like this you stand a risk of becoming diabetic, developing fatty liver disease, or suffering the side-effects of an interaction between the meds you’re on for a chronic issue and the scheduled drugs these people are dishing out willy-nilly.

Yes, being at a healthier weight is important. But there is no magic potion to get you there. Lifestyle modifications – healthier eating habits, a bit of moderate exercise, a good night’s sleep and a few stress-management techniques are the tools to get the job done. And when you bring your common sense to the table, the weight you lose is lost forever.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are correct. But the take-home message is: Healthy is the new Skinny 😊

(if you need some help in the form of focus, steps, tools or coaching in any form, please feel free to discuss it with me)