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In the last few weeks at The Good Health Shop we have seen a lot of people, men & women, with bladder infections – more than usual, but that’s a different conversation. Each one of these women come in complaining of discomfort on some level. Each time I have sent them to get their urine tested to see if there’s an infection and every time there’s an infection. And every time, when asked, this is not the 1st bladder infection that each person has had.

This begs the question WHY??! Why, people, why? Why don’t you know your body? This state of unawareness is why ‘things’ don’t get dealt with in time, and the 1st time we notice them is when our body waves a massive red flag in our faces

The take home message here is: Be aware. Listen to your body; it talks to you every day. If you listen and take heed. Pay attention because it’s looking after the small things that prevents The Big Things