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Last week’s blog determined that Oestrogen dominance is actually a deficiency of progesterone. We are well aware that this dire situation has arisen out of our toxic environment, and based on the sad fact that it’s not going to get better any time soon, the big question is how do we proceed?

The 1st step is reducing the xeno-oestroegens from our environment; xeno-oestrogens are hormone disruptors. When xeno oestrogens enter the body they increase the total amount of estrogen resulting in a phenomenon called estrogen dominance. Xeno-oestrogens are not biodegradable so they are stored in our fat cells. A build up of xeno oestrogens have been indicated in many conditions including: breast, prostate and testicular cancer, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, early onset puberty, miscarriages and diabetes; not to mention irritability, fatigue, foggy thinking, loss of libido, water retention, increase in allergies and insomnia
We don’t think twice about the make-up we wear each day, the cosmetics and skin care we use or the plastic container we use to pack our lunch; Examples of everyday items that may include xeno-oestrogens are: fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, plastic water bottles, glad-wrap and polysyrene, nail polish, makeup, birth control and on and on…..

Progesterone is the balancing hormone and the way out of oestrogen dominance… and there are as many misconceptions held about this critically important hormone by the medical professions as there are by the rest of us.

Progesterone is made in your body from cholesterol (that’s not good news for people on statins, and an excellent reason not be taking them…) Here are the essentials of the process…
• first, your body turns the cholesterol into pregnenolone
• pregnenolone is then converted to progesterone
• your body then makes a cascade of other hormones that it needs from the progesterone (these include the estrogens and testosterone among others)

So progesterone therapy can assist with a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms – a list of which you can get from us here in the shop. Oral progesterone supplements are not a good idea because firstly they are synthetic, and 2ndly, most of the hormone is destroyed by the liver. We choose to deliver natural progesterone trans-dermally, in a cream, through the skin. It’s fast, efficient and easy to manage and measure. Some symptoms, like irritability, begin subsiding almost immediately, but as a rule we need at least 3 months on progesterone cream before a significant result is achieved – hormones are relatively slow to respond to outside intervention, that’s why the imbalances take years to manifest as symptoms.

Stress affects progesterone levels. How? Stress increases cortisol levels. Cortisol competes for progesterone receptors; the higher the stress the more cortisol the body produces. This means that those receptor sites may be occupied by cortisol rather than progesterone, which may require temporary increase in progesterone supplementation. If you are not managing your stress levels, the natural progesterone cream you are currently using may not be effective because of elevated cortisol levels. Make stress reduction part of your plan to balance hormone levels.

Transdermal treatment with natural progesterone is safe and extremely effective and available (for now) without a prescription.

By the way, Progesterone’s safety for men is without question. It is now a standard treatment for traumatic brain injury, and over 70% of TBI victims are men. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic and anti-inflammatory, and its use via IV transfusion for brain trauma victims prevents oedema and inflammation that occurs after TBI injury.