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In last week’s blog we said ‘With every meal and snack you are either fighting disease or feeding it’. How crazy is it then that the people who sell our food are not interested in our health and the people who take care of our health are not interested in our food?!!?

There are some crazy things for sale in the supermarkets today… why do people still believe that multi-coloured circular cereals are a good breakfast? Does it make sense to feed a kid this highly processed and sugary breakfast, revving his engine, and then giving him a pill to calm him down?

‘Food’ from a packet that you mix with water to reconstitute, whether it’s instant oats, porridge, noodles or gravy, is NOT food. Despite the healthy look, impressive ingredient list and highlighted health benefits, highly processed, artificially sweetened and chemicalized goop has no nutrients that your biology recognizes as nutritious.

Have we forgotten the point of eating? Remember what actually happens to our food when we eat… The teeth and stomach break food down into components that can be absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream. From there the components – vitamins, minerals, amino, and omegas travel through our bloodstream to feed us; to build bone, to create haemoglobin, to maintain and repair or nervous system and to keep our organs in peak condition.

What is there in bread and chocolate spread for your body to use? Where are the nutrients in a packet of soup? (ever read the ingredients on those things – It’s pretty frightening)

So, yes, we are what we eat. We are either building and repairing or weakening and destroying. The effect of ‘foodstuff’ like sweetened yoghurt, fizzy cooldrinks and fast food is very different in 60-100kg adult bodies as opposed to >25kg children’s bodies – the impact is exponentially greater in a smaller and younger person.

So we are clear that the people who provide our food are not interested in our health, but what of the other ½ of the sentence – the people in charge of our health are not interested in our food… When you go and see a doctor for your blood pressure, does he question you about your diet? He should.

I have spoken to 2 men today alone, cancer survivors dealing with the disease’s return, neither of whom have been made aware of the impact of their diet on their health – cancer is primarily a disease of toxicity, and like Albert Einstein said “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If your previous lifestyle led to cancer, after the chemo and surgery is done, why does returning to the same way make any sense? Surely if we want a different outcome this time we must introduce new input? Isn’t that logical? Why doesn’t the doctor tell you?

The solution is clear to me – the person in charge of your health needs to change. The person in charge of your health need to be YOU.