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Today my blog is about cruelty.  Especially about how cruel we are to ourselves…  and this is something we see in the shop over and over, but I’ll use today’s customer as an example.

….a woman in her 60’s, she suffers from fibromyalgia, which means she is in constant pain and always tired.  We know, and she knows, that her diet is important to her health, yet these past few weeks, because of a stressful situation, the dietary restrictions have flown out the window.  Not only that, but she is shopping greedily for sweets and junk, packing them into the cupboards at home and then berating herself for being unable to resist.

The more she’s ‘cheating’ the worse she feels, til now she’s not sleeping, and spending the night hours nibbling on the junk food she knows makes her feel worse but which she herself has placed in her own kitchen.

Such a damaging vicious circle. Why are we our own worst enemies?