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Well, it’s half way through Tuesday and I forgot all about my blog, and it’s not the 1st time… people in general are so busy; we have a finger in a dozen pies, and we have to think for everyone in the house or office.

How much of the day are we reminding other people to do what’s expected or waiting for people who can’t be on time or return calls or emails?
How much of the day are we spending on other people’s time-mismanagement – reminding kids to finish things? To pick up things? To remember things?
How much of the day are we thinking about other people? Doing a little thing to make another’s day easier? Offering advice? Helping out of a jam?
How much of the day are we spending on what’s actually important?

Did you cuddle with your hubby this morning? Have you found time to take your dog for a walk. Have you Skyped, called or emailed loved ones afar, even though it’s expensive and takes a lot of time? When last did you watch children play? Bake? Prepare a treat meal for no reason whatsoever? Had coffee with a friend? Feel the sun on your skin?

It’s no wonder we can’t remember ½ of everything that’s required of us in a day. But it’s also no wonder we get tired, then sick, then sick and tired. Humans are not designed to live at this pace, and if we don’t take the time to do what’s important, our bodies will remind us of it at frequent intervals. Keep ignoring the red flags and go-slow signs and eventually your body takes you down.

As women, we seldom put ourselves first, and honestly believe things won’t get done properly if we don’t do them ourselves. So what? Actually, in the scheme of things, will it matter? It won’t. Let the kids do the dishes – they might not be perfect but you’ll have a gap and your kids are learning a life-skill that will benefit them throughout their lives… no, not washing dishes! Helping someone with something and asking nothing in return.