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My blog today is about being lazy. We, especially women and even more especially, mothers, we have this mindset that if we are not doing something we are being lazy. Or if we are at gym, or an art class or reading in the bath, that we are being selfish. Did we get this from our own mothers; martyrs to the very end? Were you told as a child that idle hands find the devil’s work? If you can’t find something to do I’ll find you something to do, was my mother’s favourite.

It’s wrong. Oh! so wrong! I have taught myself and my (now adult) children the benefits of down time, me time, solitude in a way that works for you. It’s not selfish and it’s not lazy. It’s necessary. For your physical health, for your mental health, your ability to commune with yourself is so important. Knowing yourself means you know what keeps you well, what makes you happy and what you need to stay that way. When the wheels fall off as they are bound to do, knowing yourself means knowing what to do to make yourself well in the best way in the shortest time.

The take home message here is: “You cannot serve from an empty vessel”.