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According to the sickness industry, there are only 2 choices, medicine and ‘alternative medicine’

The whole scope of options falls under their umbrella of alternative. Many of these options existed long before western medicine and much of it has a cleaner track record. All of history had people successfully treated with herbs. Much of the East used spices as medicine, and this trend is re-emerging, most notably cinnamon, saffron, turmeric and pepper. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is not very prevalent in South Africa but is an ancient and successful way of treating the physical emotional and spiritual body as one entity. Unani-tibb and Ayurveda are also known for treating the whole person with herbals remedies with a very beady eye on dietary restrictions befitting each different ‘type’ of person. Homeopathy and Flower remedies are the most maligned of all the methods of medicine, mostly because people who only learn what they are taught can’t broaden their minds to accept systems that work outside of what is scientifically known.

And through all the options, doctors, healers, sangomas shamans, doulas and practitioners of all walks are so proud of how much is known about the human body and sickness and disease. The arrogance! We slice, we probe and we intervene in systems that have been working on their own before human’s realised they have to control everything. Our bodies are perfectly designed to achieve equilibrium and to heal themselves, given ideal circumstances. When the surgeon resets a broken bone he is merely ensuring a straight limb – the actual healing is done by us; the knitting of bone, tendons and ligaments, the reforming of nerves and arteries, it’s all done by our amazing internal physicians.

So if you are looking for a healing modality, first look within – give your body what it needs to be well and it will reward you by being well