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Are you afraid of having a fever or of feeling sick? Do you hate feeling pain? Are you a person who likes to Nip Things in The Bud before They Get Worse?

Did you know that it takes your immune system 72 hours to recognise a germ as a danger and build an effective germ-killer and arm an appropriate response?

If you give your body the 72 hours, the proteins your immune system uses to kill the germ are stored in memory cells that live as long as you do, so without outside interference, your body will never let you get sick from the same germ twice.

Interfere with that response, however, and the memory cells quickly reprogram to forever ignore that invader if they ever ‘see’ it again.

This is the simple reason for why we tend to get the same infection over and over… how many of us suffer recurrent bladder infections? Annual sinus infections? Even if the interference was in your childhood, that first Tylenol and anti-biotic administered at the 1st sign of a fever disrupted your immune process for the rest of your life.

Our bodies are uniquely structured to heal themselves, given that they are not too toxic and are provided with all the correct tools. Healthy and balanced is our biology’s required state and what it tries to achieve every minute of every day.