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By now everyone should know that our government and Medical Control council are attempting to legislate our health care industry by making supplements scheduled drugs. High dose minerals, supplements like melatonin and fish oils, vitamin D and E, and even probiotics are falling under the spotlight…

But the news, while bad, is not all bad. The new legislation is weeding out the junk – products with ingredients that are from dodgy sources, weight-loss supplements that have no ingredients for losing weight and sexual stimulants that do not stimulate.

Innovation is the mother of necessity, so transdermal patches, liquids and Functional Foods are all taking up space on shelves that no longer house pills and potions

Functional Foods are the most exciting of all. Food as medicine is not a new concept, but a smoothie mix with CoQ10 for heart health, glutamine and probiotics for gut health, a breakfast blend with maca and chia means balancing hormones and feeding your brain while you feed your tum. It’s great news!

Look out for All-About-Health, SuperFoods, LifeMatrix smoothie Essentials and out Pick-of-the-Week, Wazoogles Protein shakes in 4 different flavours