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As a generalization, most people quit their supplement regimen too soon, and often right on the cusp of a breakthrough

There are a few reasons for this:

1. The things that deteriorate or get damaged within are invisible to us, and the only clue we have that they are even there is the pain that they generate; so because we can’t see them, we underestimate how damaged they are and how long they take to heal. A broken bone, for example, takes 6 weeks to knit – the cast and the cocktail of pain-relieving drugs can’t make the healing happen any faster. We seldom try to rush the healing of burn or a roastie that we have to clean, apply ointment to and dress, because we can see it everyday and every bit of improvement is visible and we can watch it heal as the days go by. Healing a damaged joint, unbalanced hormones or digestive damage is a healing process that the body undertakes just like the examples mentioned above. All Healing takes time, and the supplemental regimen are the tools the body uses to affect these repairs… take away the tools and the healing process grinds to a halt!

2. The 1st step in any repair and maintenance job is preparing the surface – sweeping, scraping off the old paint, removing the rust… the exact same applies to our internal environment. In order for the body to do things in a better way or to repair the damage, it has to shed, eliminate and remove the stuff that was making us feel so bad in the 1st place. Too often this process causes discomfort which we call a healing crisis, because it can be a crisis. You might think your supplements are making you worse, or you are having an allergic reaction, but actually it’s all a part of the process of repair. Stop your supplements now, and you’re back to square one so fast your head will spin! Persevere and the improvements are waiting in the very near future.

3. Sometimes the detox and repair happens really fast, especially when there are dietary improvements to assist the process. We start to feel better and better everyday until, soon enough, we don’t really remember how bad we used to feel. At this point we forget a dose every now and then, maybe revert back to a few old habits, and soon the supplements fall by the wayside and within a few months we lose all the ground we had gained and end up back to feeling horrible

So the answer to the question might be “if you have to ask, it’s not yet time”. Some health practitioners maintain ‘a month of treatment for every year of suffering’.

Don’t try rush the processes. Allow the body the grace to get on with what it does best – heal you. Health and balance is a natural state of being and what our biology strives for every day. Provide the tools and the time and sit back and reap the rewards in improved long-term health.

For a good supplement you can try pine pollen capsules, the perfect superfood for supporting a healthy endocrine system, peak physical performance, building lean muscle, and helping to restore the body’s natural androgen to estrogen ratio. You may also try kratom capsules a new plant-based supplement to add to your health practices.