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The current trend of the Power of Positive Thinking, the need for your life to look perfect for social media, the whole idea of seeing the bright side no matter how awful your situation may be – this is a very unhealthy and dangerous trend. Negative thoughts and emotions are real, and we all experience them from time to time; even the most perfect life goes through a dip every now and then…denying their existence and forcing yourself to turn every negative into a positive is repressing these negative emotions and ultimately doing yourself harm.

It is rather more beneficial to accept these ‘bad feelings’, moods or tempers, look at them, recognise them, know what triggers them and learn the best way to manage yourself and deal with these demons.

While vitamins and minerals take care of your physical body, and herbs and tinctures help us rebalance, only Bach Flower remedies work on our emotional selves exclusively.

Often,  we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves. No-one wants to think of themselves as intolerant or jealous; but once we have recognised and admitted how we feel we are ½ way towards proper balancing of these of these emotions so they no longer rule or ruin or lives.

Bach flower remedies help us deal with these recognised emotions, peeling away the layers of protection we have accumulated to guide us to the root. Bach Flower Remedies truly help us gain balance; the confidence to live an authentic life and the ability to understand ourselves in a profound and peaceful way.

Bach Flower Remedies are very useful for babies and pets, especially in stressful situations or times of change, when you can’t explain things to a baby, child or fur-baby.  We have used them successfully to help people through difficult patches, changes in work or home life and pets who have moved, been rescued or traumatised or just have  fearful nature. We have helped gradies acclimatise to big school and teens adapt to the frightening environment of high school….  The benefits are innumerable.